Mob Plate
Your choice of smoked plant-based brisket, ribs, links or fried BBQ Shrimp with a choice of 3 country-style sides.
Vegan shrimp and sausage in a rue seasoned with creole spices. Includes rice.
Wrapped in a fresh tortilla and stuffed with smoked plant-based brisket, Smackaroni & cheese, Tasha’s Slaw, BBQ Baked beans and a side of mob sauce.
Shrimp Po’ Boy (The Rens)
BBQ fried shrimp seasoned with a house rub, placed on a toasted French roll and topped with Tasha’s slaw, sliced tomatoes and our creamy Cajun sauce.
Mob Sandwich
Your choice of smoked links or smoked ribs smothered in a sweet or spicy mob sauce, topped with Tasha’s slaw and placed on a toasted roll.
Mob Burger
Beyond burger seasoned with a special mob sauce and topped with BBQ fried shrimp, Tasha’s slaw, sliced tomatoes, grilled onions and melted cheese.
BBQ Nachos
Barbecue seasoned tortilla chips topped with smoked plant-based brisket, nacho cheese, home-made salsa, mob sauce, Tasha’s slaw and guacamole.
Mob Burger Cheese Rolls
Fried spring rolls stuffed with seasoned beyond meat and melted cheddar cheese.


Smackaroni and Cheese
BBQ Baked Beans
Creamy Cajun Potato Salad
Collard greens
Tasha’s Slaw (Cole Slaw)
Fruit Salad


Iced Cold Lemonade
Strawberry Fresca


Mattie’s Sweet Potato Pie